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Frequently Asked Questions

What are business hours?

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

How do I pay my rent?

Rent payments can be paid via internet banking to our trust account. Alternatively you can arrange a regualr direct credit with your bank to our account. Always use your ADDRESS as a reference, otherwise rent monies received without your address will NOT be allocated to your rental ledger, leaving you in arrears.

Who do I contact for repairs?

If the repair is non-urgent, please email or fax the repair details to our office so we are able to book tradesmen who will contact you for access. If the repair is URGENT and our office is closed, please refer to your lease agreement for tradesman contact details.

What happens if I lose my keys?

If you lose or misplace your keys during normal office hours, you can borrow the spare set of keys from our office which are to be returned within 4 hours of collection. If duplicate keys are to be made, this is at your cost. In the case of lost or misplaced garage remotes, you will have to replace these at your cost as we do not keep spares.

What are the requirements for vacating or breaking my lease?

If you are vacating the property, you need to advise our office ‘in writing’ to confirm this. Please state the exact date in which you will return keys to our office allowing 21 days’ notice if your lease has expired. If you are within your lease agreement contact our office immediately.

Will my agent conduct an inspection during my tenancy?

Inspections will be carried out every 4 months by our office.

Is the Gas, Electricity and Telephone already connected at the property?

Gas and or Electricity are connected but you MUST call the relevant providers to have a new account set up in your name. New properties do not have the phone connected however if you require assistance can organise this on your behalf.

Should I get Contents Insurance?

The Landlord’s insurance does NOT cover your contents, so in the case of fire, flood etc, your belongings will not be covered unless YOU have your own contents insurance policy.