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Specialist Property Management Services

We don’t just collect the rent proactively manage your investment taking the stress out of property management. We don’t just collect the rent - we manage your investment property. 


Our first priority is ensuring your property is tenanted. We ensure the prompt letting of your property to a tenant that has been thoroughly screened and qualified.

Ingoing Inspections

An accurate record of the condition of your property at tenancy commencement is performed to avoid confusion and or disputes at the end of the tenancy agreement.

Routine Inspections

Inspections are performed every 4 months to ensure the condition of your property is being maintained by your tenant. Accurate and thorough reports are maintained and filed.


Regular monitoring of the ingoing’s and outgoings of your property account to ensure this record is maintained accurately.

Outgoing / Bond Inspection

Performed to protect your investment by ensuring the property is returned in the same condition as at tenancy commencement.


Regular monitoring of any rental arrears to ensure tenants are paying rent under their obligations of their Residential Tenancies Agreement. We maintain a ZERO tolerance to rental arrears and take immediate action to rectify any discrepancies.

Maintenance and Repairs

Coordination and management of maintenance/repairs required on your investment. Any works carried out at your property are performed by fully qualified and competent tradespeople that also carry appropriate insurances. All works must be approved by landlords before work commences. We believe tenant education is also a vital part in the management process. We proactively communicate to the tenants things to be mindful of to avoid unnecessary damages.

Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal

We ensure you are effectively and legally represented. Our first endeavour is to negotiate an agreement between parties in the event of a dispute, but should the need arise, members of our team have a proven track record in this field and have the ability to offer you the best possible representation.