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Frequently Asked Questions

Your investment property is designed to deliver one thing - maximum returns on your investment. understand this and deliver an optimal rental appraisal of your investment property. We use the following tools when assessing the market rental value of property;

How do we guarantee a maximum 2 week vacancy period?

It’s all about having a professional proactive approach to managing your property, when we receive your existing tenants notice to vacate it is all hands on deck in our office, within 24hrs your property has been listed on the internet one of our property managers has contacted your outgoing tenant to arrange inspection times and within 48hrs a sign board has also been installed to notify potential tenants local to your property.

We have an ongoing database of prospective tenants that have enquired about other properties like yours that will be contacted for an inspection. We are a proactive 21st century office who pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times with, high quality tenants and we are confident enough to guarantee our services.

What our clients like the most of all is if your tenant gives notice and vacates your property it is our problem not yours.

How do I change Property Managers?

It’s easy, one of our business consultants will meet with you to discuss your options and from that point forward we do all of the legwork for you, we communicate with your previous property manager and existing tenant to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your tenant.

What if my tenant already has a lease?

There is no need to wait until the end of your tenants lease, changing property managers does not affect your existing tenant or their lease. We will communicate with your tenant and advise when the transition has taken place and to start paying rent payments to us.

How much does it cost to change property managers?

The only cost is a little of your time, there is no exiting fees or entry fees for you or your tenant, the transition is handled by one of our property managers making it as simple as possible.

What if I have a tenant that damages my property?

Purchasing the right property and employing a professional property manager will reduce the risk of having a bad tenant to the minimum. If the worse case scenario should arise our property management team always recommend a comprehensive insurance policy available to investors that will protect your investment against most forms of damage, which include loss of rent, departure of a tenant without notice, breaking of a lease, theft and malicious damage by tenants.